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So much for my afternoon nap

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This is the time of the year when I start going to bed late and getting up early because of the heat. I try to nap in the afternoon during the heat of the day. I seem to get more done if I don't swelter in the hot office in the middle of the afternoon. I was just ready to go down the all when I answered a blocked phone call. Bad move. The guy had my name wrong, then claimed to be calling in reference to my credit card account. He claimed I hadn't made a payment since January. That's funny, I told him. I can provide proof that I've been making payments, and on time. Further, I told him, if I was THAT far behind on payments, I'd have had snail mail from the credit card issuer. (And I didn't say this, but I wouldn't be able to charge anything, either.) He hemmed and hawed about that and then rattled off the last four digits of a Social Security number, which I would neither confirm or deny. He got pretty ticked off at me and asked if I wanted to talk to his supervisor. I asked for a number, which he provided. But how do I know it's who they say it is? Google provided that it may be the company in question, or it could be a debt collection agency they use.

Nevertheless, the man was rude, especially after I repeatedly told him I'd had no notice through the mail of missing payments. Believe me, if I should miss a payment I hear about it. I had one that got credited wrong last year and they thought I'd missed a payment. I got snail mail.

He could have been who he said he was, but there was no reason to be rude and evasive. He didn't get any information out of me. If he was trying to get part of my Social Security number (or someone else's) for identity theft reasons, he didn't get it.

Ruined a perfectly good nap, he did. Idiot.

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8/7/2007 4:26:08 PM
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