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Starting today I'll be back to more-or-less a regular schedule. Yes, it's the first day of school. Both of my regular readers may have noticed the distinct lack of whingeing over the school start date this year. This is because (1)Kid is now in college and (2)public schools are starting later this year, thanks to a new state law.

Yep, college started today. We know some kids who started last week, which still beats the first of August. As I've said many times, it was the process used to shove the start date down our throats that bothered me more than the date itself, though I still think early August is a bad start date. No, I just hate it when the people that we elect get all power-trippy.

Speaking of such things, reports of the resignation of Alberto Gonzalez. Reader feedback so far is the usual insightful commentary, and I use those words with the greatest irony possible. People who want Bush to step down don't see the whole picture. If he goes out of office, who do we get? Yes, the VP steps in. Do you really think he and Congress will choose someone acceptable? Of course not. It'll be more of the same, save for the dancing on Bush's political grave for a week. (Note the word "political.").

But I digress. It's the first day of school! Chris has now been at school for two hours. Yep, the kid apparently got up at 6:00 for a 7:00 class. Now I'll really be impressed if he can do this on a regular basis.

Time to get moving. I've got some things to do before the house heats up. More later, I hope.

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8/27/2007 8:56:34 AM
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