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Over dinner tonight we were talking about various things and Chris used the phrase, "nuclear wessels." That, of course, was uttered by Checkov in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. We were thinking that might be fun to watch. Chris went and scanned the DVD collection. No DVD. Then the (gasp!) LaserDiscs. Nope. That means it's on a VHS tape somewhere, boxed up. Noooo!

This is where the handy-dandy Internet came in. We have a big box home electronics retailer down the street from us, and we were able to get on their web site and determine that yes, there was one copy in stock at the low, low price of $9.99. We sent Chris down to the store, and expect him back soon, DVD in hand.

Life can be pretty danged good sometimes.

While I'm waiting for Chris to return, I have to pass along my favorite memory of that film: It was talking with my grandma (who was 86 at the time) about the movie. She told me her favorite bit was when Spock tried to talk in the vernacular. Now you know that at least some of my oddball obsessions are genetic.

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9/1/2007 8:17:49 PM
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