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Do I think my investments are secure? Gosh, it could be all that money in the mattress that's causing my sleep issues. I'll change it to gold and sleep better. Let's see ... (shakes out mattress) ... nothing. Oh, yeah. It's all in the bank. All 35 cents.

The answer is here? Where? What was the question again?

My background may have been searched! Again? And all without benefit of clergy.

Karen Approval Manager, meet Your Enrollment Answers.

How is the president slowly killing me? Let's see what's in the body of this message... Oh, it's in Dutch. doesn't apply to me.

Intimate Hookups, meet Herpes Symptoms. May you have a fruitful relationship.

No, glasses are not helping my vision, which is why I was at the eye doctor this morning. Thank you for caring.

Am I suck of bogus claims? Oh, yes. And according to the next email in the queue the video will explain everything.

Pet First.  Yep, that's what the cat wants. Well, it's feed first, pet next. And leave her alone while napping.

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9/9/2014 1:25:28 PM
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