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Watching the weather change

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Looks like we're in for our first real cold front of the season tonight. According to my weather thermometer, the high today at our house was 87F. Tomorrow's predicted high is 58F. That's quite a change. Generally we don't have brisk weather around here until late October. Plus, because of a La Nina out in the Pacific, a warm winter is forecast for this area.

Spent today catching up on a few things punctuated by bouts of lethargy. Oh, I did manage to accomplish a few things: I found the top of my desk, cleared out part of my storage shelves, scanned a few things, and calibrated my monitor. And, of course, I watched the Cowboys game.

Oh, that's the interesting new purchase. Yesterday I picked up a huey(R). (Yes, the "h" is lower-case.) I've been threatening to get some sort of calibration gizmo for a while, and since I now have the opportunity to put some of my photos on display at a local coffee shop, this seemed like a good time to take the plunge. The huey is a cigar-shaped gizmo that serves two purposes. First, it gets attached to the monitor during the initial calibration process, during which time the software works its magic. I was mildly surprised to discover that the monitor wasn't too far off, but I do like the adjustments the software made. When the initial calibration is out of the way, the huey sits in a cradle and makes adjustments to the monitor based on ambient room light. Whenever I switch on my task light (which is a full-spectrum lamp as opposed to the warm ceiling lights), the LEDs on the huey flash and my monitor adjusts. Pretty cool.

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10/21/2007 10:24:02 PM
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