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Busy day.

As I mentioned before, the anthology editor sent rewrites back. It looked a bit daunting at first, but on second glance most of the suggestions are things I'd have fixed had I finished the story earlier and had the chance to go over it a second (or third) time. The other suggestions are good. One thing I always harp on is that the writer can be "too close" to the story. This one suffered from that. I plan to tackle the first round of rewrites tomorrow.

Spent part of the afternoon tacking the pile of dead vines in the back yard. I think I mentioned this before. The guy who owns the house next door had some contractors put in a new fence along the property line. This is a rental house. Nothing wrong with that, except that there was no one around to supervise the job. The contractors cleared off all of the vines that were growing along the old fence and tossed them on my side of the property.

I've tried to stack them so they city would take the stuff away, but so far no go. Last week they took away the bits of dead tree we stacked out there, but the left the vines. I saw no alternative but to bag up the vines and hope they'll pick 'em up. What can I say? The city likes to have yard refuse gift wrapped.

While I was hacking and bagging away the lady who lives in the house stopped by to talk. She swears that she's been on to the landlord to take care of the brush, but he's not done it.

I'm facing two problems. Sooner or later, the city will send me a love letter. Of course, there's a 10-day period to get rid of the crap before they levy a fine, but the neighbor is right: If I don't do it, I'd have to take the landlord to small claims court to recover the fine. What she failed to mention is that my mortgage company gets a copy of these letters, and they wouldn't be pleased over the situation.

The other problem is now that the temperatures are dropping that pile o' brush will make a nifty home for rodents. Gads, I don't need that.

I got about half of it cleared out this afternoon. If I feel up to it in the morning I may get up and clear out the rest before the brush truck comes down the alley.

The owner of the property next door should be responsible for this, but I really don't want to kick up a fuss. I should, but I've got bigger battles to fight. I'll just rationalize this away by saying that it's good exercise. That is absolutely true. It did give me a chance to ponder story changes as well. I do better on the idea front if I'm out away from the desk and doing something not related to writing.

Oh, and if my editor happens to be among the three people reading this - yes, I did come up with some good ideas. I need a few days to do the rewrites, though. As per a couple of your suggestions, I need to do put together copious notes that I can use for some descriptive prose in a couple of parts. That may make sense to the editor. I hope it does. It's been a long day, and I'm fading fast. Already. Hard labor will do that.

While I worked, Chris got out on the patio and potted aloe vera babies. Oh, yes: we have babies again. Lots of 'em! I'll just take them down to the bowling alley this week and give them away during league.

I've got one picture to post, and then I'll be off to chill for the evening. I deserve a break.

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10/29/2007 6:12:37 PM
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