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Yes, I am doing better, thank you. This will ba s short(ish) Monday Mumblings as I have to get some work for one client out of the way and hope the other is ready for me to do some work for them. Oh, the life of a freelancer.

If Saturday's entry sounded like it was written under the influence of some very good drugs, rest assured that I was quite sober - though sorely lacking in sleep. The only drugs I'd had were an antihistamine (Loratadine, even!) the previous evening and some eye drops for the allergies.

The day of enforced bedrest did me good, though my weekend plans were utterly ruined. We'd planned to start shooting pictures of our computer collection. Perhaps soon.

I was able to see well enough to watch the football game yesterday, and the Cowboys did not disappoint - except in the penalty department. I am looking forward to the November 29th game against Green Bay. Fortunately for us, Verizon is still in "let's offer up lots of shiny toys to entice subscribers" mode. Time Warner is fighting with the NFL over offering the channel to subscribers. Yeesh.

Oops. The client just called and is on the way. Guess I'd better wrap this up. Enjoy your Monday.

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11/12/2007 9:28:24 AM
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