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It's been a very long day, but quite productive.

Writers, here's a lesson to you: Set your manuscript aside and let it sit a bit before you turn it in. Oh, I know it isn't always possible, especially for someone like me who laughs in the face of deadlines, but I was so glad that I waited a day.

Not only did I find several bizarre typos and discover a few minor structural issues, I found an incomplete sentence. A frickin' incomplete sentence. I suppose I committed that crime against literature yesterday when the phone rang. I was banging my head over a simile at the time. And yes, my head still hurts.

There may not be an update tomorrow - or there may be several. I would like to chill out and do something fun - unleash my body from the keyboard and get out and see the world around me. I hear that the sun still shines. Of course, that may be a nasty rumor. I'll find out tomorrow.

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11/14/2007 10:41:58 PM
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