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Where has the day gone? One minute it was early evening and the next ...

Lots to do today. I really should take a break, but you THAT will happen. Actually, one may get forced on me. I'm feeling a tad under the weather tonight. Maybe a little sleep will help. "Little" being the operative word. I need to get up and get Chris off to school tomorrow. He never hears his alarm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Let him sleep in once, and it didn't do any good.

So what's got me busy? Web work. I'm doing some things for a client and also working on some updates to I guess that's why the day whizzed by.

I did get out of the house. Paul and I went to a new sandwich shop for lunch, then went shopping for parts for my sister's computer. I made bierocks for dinner and then crashed to watch some TV before hitting the web site again. I'm done with this round at HouseFans, I think. Can't do more on the other site until I meet with the client. Perhaps I should step away from the computer tomorrow.

Taking bets?

I'm gonna hit the sack. More tomorrow, if I'm still among the living.

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11/20/2007 12:48:05 AM
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