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It's been cool and rainy all day today. Perfect for a lunch down at the Fillmore Pub, but otherwise not good for much else. I had to go mail a cloak and run some errands this afternoon and it seemed as though every idiot on the road was out today. As if Christmas traffic on a Friday wasn't bad enough, people were making it worse by pulling stupid stunts. One lady pulled across two lanes of traffic and into a parking lot in hopes of jumping the line to get six cars ahead. No one let her in. At the next intersection someone ran a red light - in the rain. It wasn't a case of not being able to stop in time on the slick streets. This driver was apparently tired of sitting at the red light and decided to jump into traffic. Oy.

Now Paul has been on the road for over an hour trying to get home. Ah, I hear the door!

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12/14/2007 6:42:51 PM
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