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What a Sunday. I had a CAPTCHA disaster yesterday while working on another page on the site. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I seem to have everything fixed. I came dangerously close to removing the CAPTCHA for the time being, but "dangerous" is the operative word. The bots have found my comments page, and I'd surely have found myself knee-deep in spamish comments to remove. Come to think of it, I could have turned comment moderation on.

The above-mentioned incident was triggered by a pro bono project I'm doing. They needed a feedback page, and it needed some protection. I'm still unsure what I did in the first place, but after untangling a mess of security and http handlers, it all suddenly started to work again. And yet, I don't know exactly which thing I did fixed it all. I hate that. Oh, I'm glad it's working, but I'd like to know exactly why. I typically work on stuff here (in a protected area) or on my local server, depending on what needs to be done. Then I'll move it to the host site. Yes, it means I hose things up here once in a while, but it beats hosing up the client site. Makes me look better. Usually.

I'd also appreciate some feedback so I'd know if I'm going in the right direction, but I suspect it'll come at the very last minute (for them) when I'm swamped with something else. That's always the way it goes.

The rest of the weekend was spent in my traditional New Year's ennui. I have much to do, little of which is paying work (at least in the short term), and not entirely certain that there will be a payoff in the end. I'm still waiting on a couple of checks and not sure whether either will actually show up. One is from the client that's closing up shop. Except now maybe they're not, but who knows? I'd just like my last check, meager though it may be. The other check is a publication payment that hangs on acceptance. I don't know if the piece will be published. If it doesn't get accepted, I don't know if I can sell it elsewhere because of the length.

So yeah, I'm having one of those moments during which I wonder if what I'm doing really matters, or if I'm just spitting in the wind.

Sorry about that.


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1/7/2008 9:37:22 AM
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