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It's been a day. That's all I can say.

I got my sales taxes done. The worst part is filling out the paperwork. I have software to do all of the adding up, but I'm a small enough business that I have to sit and write many numbers into many small spaces rather than do it all by computer. Whatever. It's done. The money will wing its way to the state shortly. As I said before: I'm honest. I pay the taxes due. But it just bugs me that it's all such a pain.

The sinus headache is doing better, but I decided to take the day off. Usually that's a case of best-laid plans. Something always gets in the way. This morning I sat down at watched Part Two of Murder at the Vicarage, which had been sitting in the PVR for a few days. Lots of my favorite Brit actors doing the Agatha Christie thing. While I was poking around in the recorded programs I discovered the last part of Prime Suspect 7 and decided that this would be a fine and dandy time to watch it as well. Yeah. Just force me to watch Brit TV.

Now - for the two of you who just might understand the connection between those two programs, check out the revised version of the story I put online for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasants day back in April. Oh, I should be happy that I wrote something, even if it's a revision to an existing story. If you've already read the story, you should know that I haven't made extensive revisions. Just a tweak here and there, but it was fun to go back and revisit the story.

Finally, I had a little more interesting news tonight, but nothing I can announce officially. Let's just say you may hear my voice online soon. Should be fun.

Off to read, and perchance, to sleep. But not to dream - I think. I'm ready for a night of just sleep. No waking up at 4:30 from a bizarre dream, no fitful tossing and turning. I just want to lay my head on the pillow and be unaware of the world until the alarm goes off. Bliss.

As if it'll EVER happen. It's the curse of being a creative person, I suspect.


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1/17/2008 7:48:10 PM
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