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Stuck in voicemail hell

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I never got a reply on my estimate request from Olympus, so I decided to try their toll-free line. After 10 minutes navigating voice prompts I got cut off. Twice. Now I'm stuck with "we may be experiencing longer than normal hold times." Of course, they value me as a customer.

Still trying to make up my mind on what to do. I've ruled out the E-410 because the body is just too small. Too bad, because I can get it at a good price. The question now is do I go for an E-510 or go for the good deal on an E-500 body I saw yesterday.

Fortunately I have some mindless work to keep me busy as I wait. Found some data on old floppies that I really ought to move to CD.

After ten minutes I finally got a nice rep who gave me some options and suggested I speak directly to support. She gave me the wrong option and I ended up with sales. So I called back. Now I'm on hold again. We shall see.

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1/31/2008 10:12:59 AM
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