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I accomplished quite a few things in the space of a few hours:

  • I cleaned the shower stall this morning. Not the "wham, bam, thank you shower spray" cleaning, but a deep, scrubbing cleaning. Decided to do no more in the bathroom for fear of overloading on fumes. (Even the Method cleaners get to me after a while.) I'll mop the floor later.
  • Started in on a project to turn a corner of the dining room into a tabletop photo studio. The heavy cleaning is done.
  • Ran the vacuum cleaner. I know the cat is very sleepy when, instead of running off she half-opens an eye and gives me a "whatever" kind of look.
  • Half-cleaned the fish tank. I didn't do quite the job I wanted because the gravel vacuum broke. I have to hit the pet store tomorrow, so I'll see about a replacement. Changed the filter and part of the water; cleaned the glass.
  • Started an install of XP on an old laptop. I'm not sure if the laptop will be able to handle XP. If not, I'll throw 2000 on it. I thought long and hard about a Linux install, but since I'm going to use it with the tabletop studio I need a Windows or Mac OS to handle the software I'm going to run. Mac software is right out, so Windows it is.

Now I'm off to the grocery store. Might be nice to have something to eat tonight.


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2/19/2008 2:57:38 PM
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