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Gonna keep this short and semi-sweet.

We did get a little more snow last night, but not much. The freezing temps did cause some trouble, though. The college Chris attends didn't start classes until 10:00 this morning. And I tell ya, he was really broken up over it. ;-) Paul decided to work from home.

Me, I spent the day doing laundry and starting in on the next phase of the great photo organization project. I'm almost through two sets of vacation snaps. The reason it's taken so long is that I've decided to scan in a few negatives as I work. I'm sort of working on the theory that if I don't do it now, I'll conveniently forget about it. I should have some interesting blog fodder for a few days, if nothing else.

And no, Karen, I'm not doing the Weekend Assignment. I'll link back to it, though. Birthdays shouldn't still be a tender topic, but they are. Long story, and I really don't need to open a vein right now. But damn, that pocket watch looks cool. Got a link so I can buy? Pretty pleeeeze? I'm down on my knees, and it isn't pretty.

So. Laundry is done - thanks for your help, Paul! Temps are falling, and I may just go pull my contacts out (to avoid another allergy attack) and hit the sack. I've mostly slept through the night for the last couple of nights, and I would love to catch up on the old sleep defecit. Don't know if I can manage three decent nights of sleep in a row, but I'd be a fool not to try, wouldn't I?

Oh, dear. This just showed up in my RSS feed: How to roast your own coffee beans using a popcorn popper. Hold me back. Please.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for dropping in.


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3/7/2008 9:25:47 PM
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