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Singin' the Time Change Blues

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The time change always hits me. I'll be okay in a couple of days.

Sprint now claims the much-anticipated software update for my phone will be out today. I don't know: The message has the feel of "yeah, shuddup already." I purchased this phone in July on the promise of these features being available in September. Then it got pushed to November. Then they said early in the first quarter of 2008. It'll probably show up just before close of business.

And yeah, I gripe about my carrier, but if I moved to another one I'd be griping as well. They've ALL got problems.

Spent much of the weekend going through old vacation snaps as part of the photo organization project. There are pub shots I swore I had - like the Bag O' Nails and the Muscular Arms - but I can't find them. We are slowly redoing our kitchen/dining room in a pub theme, and it crossed my mind that since I'd taken a number of pub shots over the years that I should do a collage of pictures.

Why a pub theme? Yes, we enjoy pubs, but it's mostly due to the fact that we kind of inherited a good-sized bar and bar back that had belonged to Paul's parents. We got the back first. It had kicked around the family a bit, and we took it in as a china hutch as it has a very nice set of glass shelves and a mirrored back. Later, we decided to build in a breakfast bar to separate the kitchen and dining area and provide some extra storage. While that was in the planning stages we were offered the bar that matches the back. It fit almost perfectly in the spot and provided a little more storage than we'd planned for the built-in. And hey, it was free. How could we argue with that? The only thing is that these piece are HUGE. They dominate the room. I'm not an interior decorator, but it just sort of seemed that there was a theme going on here, and I may as well roll with it. Since I seem to be short on pub pictures, I'll probably incorporate a few other shots from our travels to tie in with the English theme.

And since I'm scanning in pictures, I'll be presenting a few here on the blog.

So I guess I'd better get cracking.

And yes, Karen, I saw the Monday Photo Shoot. It's too wet to shoot outdoors, so you may get something from the archives this time around.


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3/10/2008 9:25:06 AM
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