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Spring Break!

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I may not be online much this week. That's the cunning plan, at least, and you know how well cunning plans come together. ;-)

Chris has the week off, and Paul plans to take Monday and Friday. This means I have folks available to help me with some heavy-lifting around the house. I should take advantage of that.

Spring Break is traditionally when I start in on my short-lived bout of spring cleaning. I need to wash curtains, move furniture and deep clean, that sort of thing. Chris is a big help in the furniture-moving department.

I'm spending the evening scanning negatives, so you might see some pictures posted to the journal this week.

Of course, the weather may turn bad, in which case I may end up stuck at the computer. We shall see.

Have a good week!


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3/16/2008 8:27:36 PM
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