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The mail delivery brought many goodies today. Two packages of stuff Paul had ordered from DealExtreme - some of it camera stuff. He picked up a second remote for my camera. Now I can keep one in the home studio and one in my gear bag. He also bought a knock-off Pocket Wizard. So far it works. The only bad thing was we discovered my good Vivitar flash had been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years with a pair of batteries in it. Ouch. Normally I'm pretty careful about that sort of thing. The remotes work, however. I may order some more. Now I can use my light kit that's been languishing in the garage for ages.

If I start taking strobes out into the field I'll probably buy some better remote gear, but for fourteen bucks or so, I can't beat the price and they should hold up indoors just fine.

March also means the annual escrow statement from the mortgage company. Thanks to a tax relief bill that went through our state legislature last year, we got a refund check on our escrow. The payments will also go down a bit. Can't argue with that. That's going into savings, pronto.

Well, that kept me away from doing the bills for a while. No more procrastination - at least for 20 minutes until the dryer finishes.


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3/17/2008 2:30:43 PM
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