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Busy. This weekend is set aside for family business, so you may not see me hanging around online.

There certainly won't be much in the way of pictures.

Which brings me to an update on the camera situation. The folks at the vendor couldn't have been any nicer. I packaged up the body today and shipped it off to them. I expect it to be gone 2-3 weeks, possibly longer.

I won't get into all we're doing because much of it involves settling an estate. Loads o' fun.

Sorry there are no pictures (Feline Friday, RR, whatever), but there's just no time. If I have a camera handy and a cat allows me to take a picture, then I might be able to post an FF.

But speaking of Feline Friday, Steven has a new photoblog, and he's back with Pickle.

Sorry this is short. Have a good weekend.


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3/21/2008 6:48:42 PM
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