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Sleep? Not When You Have Cats

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I have become pretty darn well convinced that cats sleep all day simply so they can torture humans all night long. Yes, I know: Cats hunt at night. It's hard-wired into their genetic code.

So what's a human to do?

Close the door tonight, perhaps.

You see, I was so under the weather, and my chest ached from constant evening coughing that I decided to take something and head to bed early. Like before ten. Every flippin' time I drifted off to sleep, that was the signal for Abby to either jump up from the bed to the high window over the bed or jump down from same window to aforementioned bed. I spent two hours in this "on the edge of sleep" state. I couldn't wake up enough to get up and shut the door. Heck I couldn't wake up enough to see if Midnight was sleeping on the bed or not. And yet, I couldn't get to sleep.

The lungs feel a litte better this morning, but since I took a sleeping aid I had all manner of odd vivid dreams, mostly involving people out to make my life a living hell in one way or another. Oh, I always have odd dreams, but it's the vivid bit and the nightmares I can't shake that drive me up the wall.

Well, the lungs are better, but my sinuses are still beyond clogged. I haven't been able to properly hear out of one ear since Sunday.

Time for more meds.


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3/25/2008 9:02:33 AM
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