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Very rarely do I reread a non-fiction book cover-to-cover, but I did pick up The Street Smart Writer from my shelf over the weekend and read through it a second time. Jenna Glatzer is the founder of and knows her stuff. Co-written with attorney Daniel Steven, this book is a handy guide to protecting yourself. Of course, the book covers the usual red flags that writers should look for, but there are also chapters on what makes a writer friendly contract as well as advice on how to collect from deadbeat clients. The appendix contains sample forms that you can modify for your own freelance business.

Publisher Nomad Press has released the e-book version for free via There are, of course, a couple of catches. Jenna says that you need to sign up with, and that the book is only available at no cost to residents of the United States and military serving abroad. There are also a couple of ads in the book, but that's a small price to pay.

Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or trying to pitch your first novel, you'll find this book full of useful information.


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4/29/2008 9:04:18 AM
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