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First: Yep, I didn't bowl well at all last night. The lanes were too dry and I couldn't figure out how to compensate. We each ended up wit $20 in the team event. Rather than just pay out the top five or so teams, each pair of lanes gets an envelope of money that is divided depending on how many games each team wins. We took two and total, which worked out to $20 a person. We just got nipped in the last game, but I'm glad the other team got something. All of the games were fairly close. We were all struggling.

And on to some random ramblings:

I see that American is now charging $15 for the first checked bag. I wish they'd just increase their ticket prices by $15 and be done with it. Ah, but they'll probably do that as well. You know what this means. It means war! Sorry, had my Daffy Duck moment there. It means that people will try and bring on as much carryon baggage as they can get away with. Boarding will take longer, flights will get delayed. And who wins?

Of course, I don't travel much by air, but nearly every time I do it's a frustrating experience. If it isn't late flights, it's rude passengers. Sometimes it's both.

At this point I'm still planning to go to LA next spring, and if these outrageous charges continue, then I'm going to have to make some decisions. This trip is for a convention, so even though I try to pack light I still have to take a number of items with me that I wouldn't take on a vacation.

I just hope I don't get priced out of the trip.

We're off to see the Indiana Jones film tomorrow afternoon. It looks like a lot of fun. School is still in session, so I hope the matinee showing won't be packed. Just need to remember to keep my inhaler and cough drops handy for the inevitable appearance of the over-scented person. Of course, it's my fault because their scent causes an allergic reaction. (Note: I don't have a problem with people who wear a proper amount of scent. I miss being able to wear a little perfume, and the only sensation I may have around those who wear scent properly is a wistful feeling for those days gone by.) Still, I fully expect to enjoy the movie.

Must sit down and make a grocery list. Yes, I did mass quantities of shopping the other day, but I'd like to go out today and buy enough food to make it through the long weekend. Unfortunately, milk only keeps for so long. I also admit that I'm terrible at taking inventory in the kitchen. Every time I think I'm all stocked up, I run out of some staple. I'll get the hang of it eventually.


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5/22/2008 10:54:49 AM
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