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The phone rang and well, you know how that goes. A couple of quick things:

Don't spam me with requests to join a paid social network. I was reminded of this when someone sent me an invitation to a network I'd been meaning to join anyway. In the meantime, I've been spammed with requests on behalf of another person to join a paid network of dubious use to me.

I'm a poor writer. I'm also a frugal writer. I'll pay for something of value, but I need to see that it has value other than lining someone else's pockets by hitting my credit card every month.

(Which reminds me: Can I ever get to quit spamming me? Must look into that.)

Confidential to the first friend: Thanks, I joined. I really did need that particular prod.

Next, I am going shopping tomorrow, so I may not be around much. No, this isn't retail therapy. It falls under the category of acting like a pro. I need something other than worn jeans and a faded T-shirt to wear when I stand in front of a few hundred folks, don't you think?

Dinner is nearly ready. House is hot, flashes even moreso.


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6/2/2008 5:32:02 PM
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