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...does not mean that you are entitled to perform any of the following acts:
  • Drive down the alley at 40 MPH. There's gonna be a wreck one day, and let's hope there's no carnage involved.
  • Park your pickup truck and trailer so it takes up four prime parking spaces at the grocery store, open the door, then stand out in the middle of traffic shouting into your walkie-talkie phone. See above regarding carnage. And please note the courteous driver who parked their pickup and boat in two spaces at the edge of the lot. You're probably thinking, "sucker!"
  • Pull your vehicle up to the front door of the store, leave the engine running and the kids inside while you run in for a couple of items. Oh, I forgot: You left the flashers on. It's okay.
  • Walk away in the middle of a transaction at the self-checkout leaving two gallons of gold milk on the counter and the "pay now" button flashing on the screen.
  • Get upset at the guy overseeing the self-checkouts because one kiosk is out of paper and one needs to be reset due to the above-mentioned idiot and he's not fixing the one you want to use. Look to your left. They've just opened one more checkout lane with a real human, just for you folks waiting in line. But I suppose that's too many steps out of your way.
All the above (and more!) took place when I made a 5:30 run to the grocery store down the street. I really felt sorry for the guy running the self-checkout.

I ended up at the store because I forgot something on my earlier run. Silly me, trying to combine trips and save gas. It all ends in heartbreak, but I'll keep working at it. I stopped at a different store earlier in the day and dropped my jaw as I watched a woman unloading a full cart of goods on the belt at the Express lane. What part of "15 items or less" didn't she get? I suppose she felt entitled to use whatever lane had the shortest line because she was in a hurry. I think it would have been funny if the checker had made her load everything back into her cart and go to another lane. I didn't stick around to see what happened; I whizzed through the other Express lane with my four items and was outta there.


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6/20/2008 3:13:25 AM
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