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Just a quick update on what's going on at still (mostly) clean desk.

I have a stack o' stuff to scan.

Started a short story the other night, then completely petered out. This is on spec so I don't have any deadline. I talked it over with Paul last night and he offered a few suggestions for moving the plot forward. Today I merged his ideas with one that hit me as I was trying to unkink my back this afternoon.

I guess I slept crooked last night. Probably I was so tired that I just didn't move much once I zonked out. Sure made for an interesting bowling league. Ouch!

Perhaps I should stretch out on the desk. Nah, I don't have THAT much room.

So, what else? Working with Chris on a T-shirt design. It's mostly his project, but since he's never designed one before I have to help him on the technical aspects. He's never really designed anything for print beyond what comes out of the inkjet, so he's getting an introduction to the world of color separations and crop marks and all that lovely prepress stuff. It'll be god for him. Morally enriching. Or something like that.

Work for Fencon is starting to pick up a bit. Our guest list is looking really good, and we have some neat panels on tap.

Other than that we're into the dog days of summer. It generally gets slow right around now because the rest of the world is on vacation somewhere. I'll just grab a drink in a funny glass, close my eyes, and imagine palm trees. Or I could just stare at Chris' Hawiian shirts.


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7/16/2008 9:50:18 PM
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