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Retail Therapy, of Sorts

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I suppose "retail therapy" implies that I went out and spent wads of cash on useless things. Not the case at all. I went out and spent wads of cash on stuff we needed!

First trip was to get my car registration. There was a huge line for people who needed to transfer a title. The line for renewals was short - and moving fast. I usually have time to write my check and get my insurance card and license ready before my turn. Not so today. No complaints here.

Next stop: Target. I had a list of items to buy - mostly household staple items along with crap to slather on my face to give me the illusion that I'm doing something good for it. Target is generally less than the grocery store on those items and they have some good generic versions. Yes, I suppose I could have gone to Walmart and saved even more, but I'd have eaten the savings in gas. Although I suppose I could have done my grocery shopping there and saved a trip. Not really, since I had to go to the Post Office, and the groceries would have heated up in the trunk as I drove back across town. Better to hit one of the local grocery stores. I did pretty well there. Last week I found a deal on buy-one-get-two-free packages of seasoned chicken breasts, which I brought home and froze. One package is thawing for tomorrow's dinner.

While I was out I noticed that there had been another price drop at a local outlet of a chain that's going out of business, so I stopped in there and picked up a couple of items at 40% off to replace a couple of things that are broken. I came very close to buying a new George Foreman grill. I may do that next week if I have the cash.

Yes, I thought the George Foreman grill was a big gimmick until I was given one for Christmas. I do like it, and in the summer we can use it instead of the oven for some cooking, which saves energy and keeps the house from broiling. The one thing that drives me up the wall about the grill is the lack of removable plates. They now have a couple of models that remedy that problem. I suppose I should buy one while they're at a deep discount, eh?

Dang it, I'm talking myself into it. *slaps hand*

Anyway, even though it's broiling it felt good to get away from the computer and see something that wasn't the four walls of my office.


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8/4/2008 5:09:00 PM
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