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Speaking Of Credit Lines...

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Why yes, I was just blogging away about businesses and how some credit was a good thing to have when the mail arrived. I got a check!

Not so fast.

It looked like a check. It was on security paper and everything. Except there was no bank name or account number. 

Oh, I knew before I even opened the envelope that the so-called check was a fake. It looks like a check, but the first obvious clue is there is no bank name or account number printed on the face. I bet they tell all the girls they're worth $58,000.

The innertubes are full of complaints about this company. I won't say it's a scam, but it does seem to be one of those deals where the customer had better understand every jot and tittle of that fine print before they even consider signing on the bottom line. 

Here are some tips from the FTC. I'll just say that the copy on the letter that was enclosed with the check filled in several of their bingo squares. 

So thanks, lender, but no thanks.  

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1/15/2015 11:34:57 PM
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