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Well, it was quite a weekend here at the Manor. Storm preparations were made and then (of course) the brunt of the weather moved to the east. We're very fortunate to have had just a nice soaking rain. We put everything back in place on the patio yesterday. It looks nice. I'd go outside and work (it's 63F right now!) except for the pollen levels. It's nasty today, but that's to be expected a couple of days after rain.

You've read about the devastation down in the Houston/Galveston area. They have a lot of cleaning up to do. I saw the guy on Today who was living out of the third floor of his house. My first thought was that he was kind of crazy, but it seems that he got off the island while the getting was good, and then returned afterward. He claims to have plenty of food and water, and no job to go to at this point, so why not stay and clean up? He's lucky that he has a house to come back to.

I'm amazed at the damage as far north as Ohio. John Scalzi posted a few pictures on his blog. Wowza.

Watching the stories about Merril Lynch and Lehman Brothers over the weekend. Again, Wowza. As I watched the footage of workers carrying out boxes of personal items, I couldn't help but think of the Enron collapse and wonder what's going to happen to the folks who made the decisions that got the banks in this mess. Will they walk away with large bonuses while the rank and file workers end up on unemployement? Will they suffer any consequences?

I'm afraid both parties share the blame on this one.

Wish I knew what was up on my Outlook spam filters. Whatever Microsoft is doing to tweak them ain't working. I've seen a mass of spam lately. Part of it is due to the fact that I relaxed the spam rules at the server to make sure Fencon mails get through to me. But this doesn't explain why ads for little blue pills stay in my inbox and important mail gets caught in the spam filter. I have lots to go through, so if you went me a message through the web site and didn't get a reply, try again. I seem to have several journal comments and messages sent through the contact page in the mass o' spam.

Yesterday a group of us spent several hours filling out the programming grid for FenCon. We still have a lot to do. If you're a guest or program participant and you read the journal (welcome!), be aware that we're working on this. We have ten venues to deal with. If you're a guest or program participant and you haven't filled out your panel survey, please do so today. If you're wondering where the heck your panel survey is, leave me a note in the comments trail or write me at the programming address and I'll get you a survey post haste. We did send them to everyone, but they do sometimes get caught in spam filters.

Time to hunker down and get to work. Lots to do today. Let's hope I can stay awake!


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9/15/2008 9:48:17 AM
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