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I Wish I Had That Kind of Money for Clothes...

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If I did, the bills would all be paid and the kid would be sailing through a very expensive college, because fancy clothes are not a high priority for me.

That's why I'm scratching my head over the GOP's decision to spend $150,000 to dress Sarah Palin and her family. $75,000 at Neiman Marcus? Most people don't make that in a year. This, IMO, is not the way to reinforce her image of a middle class, hard-working woman.

Sure, the party claims that clothing will go to charity in the end, but this still sends the wrong message.

Most of the pictures I've seen from her days before she ended up on the GOP ticket show her dressed like the rest of us. Yes, she's a bit dumpy looking in some of the pictures, but when do most middle class women lugging around four or five kids have the time or energy to shop at the best stores? And this isn't a knock against her or her state when I say that dressing in layers is probably the norm where she lives.

If she wants to put out the message that she's one of us, she should tell her handlers to buy her clothing where the rest of us shop. I dunno. Kohl's or Target may not send the right message to the big donors, but it might send a message to those of us who scour the sales and bargain racks to make our clothing dollars stretch. Heck, Macy's would have been better than NM. There's a difference between looking good on a budget and spending ginormous amounts of money on designer clothes.

Of course, there will be a faction of the party that's mightly offended by THAT idea, so she's probably screwed either way.

I'm not a fan of Palin, but I think she could have taken the reigns on this one and turned it to her advantage.


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10/23/2008 9:24:17 AM
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