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Spent the weekend alternately fighting the cold and the computer. I may have lost both rounds.

I suppose I could win against the cold if I'd stop kicking up dust. Yesterday I dug into my sewing area so I could get busy on a custom cloak order. Just when I got to the point where I could clean the carpet I discovered that the vacuum cleaner was spewing dust instead of picking it up. (Insert your own rude words here.)

Before I could take a look at the vacuum cleaner the client I was expecting showed up, and we spent a couple of hours digging into her web site. At that point I discovered my local web server wasn't running. This is related to all the computer issues I had over the weekend. One more reboot and I may have the thing fixed. I'll save you the overly-geeky stuff.

While I had stuff installing and re-installing (after I took care of the client's web site) I dragged the vacuum cleaner out to the garage and pulled it apart as much as I could. it seems the main feeder hose was clogged beyond belief.  I spent about half an hour getting through the impacted dust and crud and now it seems to work. It was either that or replace it, and I'm just to damn cheap frugal to buy a new one without at least trying to fix the old one. So there.

Well, drat. The computer changes haven't helped. This is not good. Back to digging.


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11/10/2008 2:42:05 PM
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