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Happy Turkey(less) Day!

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Yes, a Turkey Day with no bird. Last year we decided, what with the endless rounds of turkey meals at family and workplace, that we'd go birdless on the holiday. Instead, we had roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, and did the same this year. Not terribly American, but I don't think God will smite us for not having the traditional meal.

I did buy a turkey and will have it at Christmas, when everyone else is serving ham or other meats.

I also made a cake - not from scratch, though I could if need be. The mix and frosting were on sale for less than it would have cost to gather ingredients that would most likely sit in the pantry unused. Oh, yes: I keep flour (for bread) and sugar and there are usually eggs and milk, and butter. But then, I'd spend a bundle on the other stuff. The cake was delicious, and I had money left over for some really interesting stuffed olives. And a large bottle of wine.

Wait. I sound like a lush. We didn't consume it all! I wanted some red wine for the gravy, so it was either buy two regular bottles or one large. The larger bottle was the better buy (halfway decent stuff, too), so I went for it.

Ah, well. I think the stain treatment I put on the tablecloth has done its job, so I'm going to toss it (the tablecloth, not the stain treatment) in the wash and settle down to look at the ads before we gorge on football.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


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11/27/2008 2:05:54 PM
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