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Monday Mumblings

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It's Monday, and as usual, I am not awake. Oh, the joys of being at "that age." Just when I was having a particularly bad "at that age" day, I saw this article. That had better make all this worth it.

Watched Hugh Laurie on SNL and felt properly embarrassed for him. Singing lamps? And really, they could have dumped the musical act (Autotune, indeed), handed Laurie a guitar, and let him have at it. What a waste of good talent.

But the Cowboys won last night, yet again dangling hope in front of the faithful. I have this feeling Saturday's game will be painful to watch.

And yes, we're working on the Catmas card. Expect something soon.

Must get back to work. The cats expect a card. And watch Look What I Found Today for some bacony goodness. That is, if the cats will allow me to update the site.


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12/15/2008 10:48:03 AM
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