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A day late, but with good reason. I was down with the 24-hour crud. I'm much better now, thanks. I'm sure the lingering stuff will clear up overnight as I go for the heavy cold meds once more. ("Heavy" for me means the full dose. I usually do about a half dose.)

So, what did I do that didn't involve sickbed stuff you don't want to hear about? I read P. D. James' The Private Patient. This is quite possibly the last Dalgliesh mystery. Of course, I thought that about the last book. There's a definite feel that this could be the end, though the door doesn't seem to be entirely closed. The resolution of the case was less than satisfying, but it wasn't satisfying for Dalgliesh, either, so in that context it works. As usual, the writing is rich in description, and darn near everyone in the closed community has a motive, and those who don't have secrets.

I won't give any more away except to say I did enjoy it and will put it on my "reread" shelf for sometime when I'm feeling better.

We have most of the Christmas shopping out of the way. I'm not going to pick up a few items until After the holiday as we'll be seeing some relatives later on. Why fight crowds when I don't have to?

Speaking of crowds, I hit the grocery store today. Actually, it wasn't too bad, but it was getting busy as I left. I managed to get the shopping done before most folks got off work. The oddest deal on the shelves: the latest Poltergeist film. Buy two, get one free. Makes great last-minute gifts, I guess. I dunno.

I have one writing-related post to get out of the way, and then it's off to cook some dinner and spend the evening relaxing. If I'm not back before the end of the week, I hope everyone has a grand Christmas, or time off from work, or whatever it is you celebrate.


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12/23/2008 5:13:29 PM
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