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It's all on hold...

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Everything I had planned for today: Weekend Assignment, Feline Friday, the Round Robin Photo Shoot, everything.

Two things:

1. I'm stuck trying to finish something that I should have gotten out of the way two weeks ago. I've decided the only thing to do is dive in and finish. I'm making progress.

2. Trying to do the right thing can be hell sometimes. Case in point: an attempt to be legal with some software., I spent hours on this, and finally accomplished (I hope) legality. I'll know in another hour. (Or not. My desktop computer seems to have locked up solid. Maybe not. The drive light is blinking. It's worrying. Later. The computer finally started behaving. Looking better...)

3. Spent about two hours tracking down items for #1. Did you know that HP printer ink has gone up? By a lot? Especially black? There's a rant for later. And there's a depressing lack of interesting paper at office supply stores these days. I settled for something I'm not terribly happy with, but it beats ordering in the paper I'd like at premium prices. I stumbled across a lovely Waterman pen for next to nothing, though, which helped dial down the frustration factor. I was looking for a nice pen to use at my next signing.

So I'll see about getting things updated when I can. Right now I just need to get other things done.

Apologies all around.


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1/9/2009 8:43:57 PM
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