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Monday Mumblings

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First, thanks for the good feedback on the Publishing Myths series. While the comments here have been light, the Twitter activity has been good. I appreciate it.

So it's Monday, and I'm having one of those "I'm crap" days. I've accomplished quite a bit today, but I've also been out surfing around and looking at the writing (and video) of some very talented people. I shouldn't do that on a Monday. It's enough to make me want to crawl into a cave, curl up into a fetal position, and whimper softly for a few hours. But then, it's Monday!

But hey, things are already looking up. Why, when I walked onto the patio with an armload of groceries, I heard a dove coo in the tree above and stopped to look. As the bird flew off it left a lovely parting gift at my feet. If I hadn't stopped I'd be washing my hair instead of blogging right now.

And speaking of amazingly talented people, there's going to be a film of David Tennant's Hamlet! Patrick Stewart is in that production as well. Pardon me while I uncurl myself and change the whimper to a squee!

Yes, it's the bipolar edition of Monday Mumblings!

Well, I'm looking at a stack of stuff to do and feeling very much like procrastinating. And I have one thing to honestly procrastinate with first. The next load of laundry just finished. Better go hang stuff up.

Hope your Monday is going well!


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3/2/2009 2:43:47 PM
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