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I've been cleaning today, so when I say that I've just come out of the closet, I mean it in a most literal way. I spent a chunk of the afternoon rearranging things in the office closet.

I continue to play around with the ergonomics here at the desk. I tried a web site that's supposed to help with measurements and the like, but when I put my height in, it suggested that I adjust my chair to lower than it will go. And when I did put the chair as low as it would go, my knees were practically even with my boobs. They're not sagging that much (the boobs, not the knees)!

Back to the drawing board.

Today I'm just happy to have a clean patch on the desk. I still have plenty more to do in the cleaning and organizing department, but I am done for the day. I need to go dig into a database for a bit.

And now I just got the second spam this week from the folks who shot the HS graduation two years ago. Last chance to buy overpriced pictures before we delete them from the server! Oh, I know. They don't have time to pose the kids. It's stop. Look this way. Click. Go on. Next. Like the DMV with expensive DSLRs.  He hated the proofs, so I'm not buying.

Time to go bang my head against a few SQL statements. Oh, the joy.


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4/6/2009 3:13:53 PM
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