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On Tea Parties and the Chasing of Wild Geese

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No, the two topics aren't related, but I'm rolling them into a single blog post because that's all I've heard about/done for the past couple of days.

We'll start with the Tea Parties. (Why, oh, why do they call themselves teabaggers? If you don't know why, Wikipedia is your friend. Do not look it up at work. There's a clue.)

Oh, dear. I had a large rant and just deleted it. It only serves to raise the blood pressure.

The wild goose chase was more fun. Still is. I've been staring at a pile o' papers under the work table that I've been meaning to go through for quite some time. It's all old Barrett family records, letters, photographs, and so on. My procrastination skills are legendary, so the stuff has been sitting there gathering dust.

Until Tuesday, when I got an interesting letter in my inbox. Seems someone is trying to track down the heirs of a sibling of a Barrett ancestor. I'm afraid I wasn't much help, but I'm going to put that person on to someone who might be able to provide some insight. We exchanged some information, and so I decided that would be a great time to attack the pile. I'm just about through it all, and will send the additional information I now have (thanks in part to this e-mail and all the records I've put into the database) to the other contact so they can update their records. That person is from the previous generation and probably knows some things I don't.

I discovered all sorts of interesting bits. Paul's mother had told me several things, but I hadn't been able to piece all of it together until now. Pretty cool.

So that's where I've been for a couple of days. And now it's time to dig back in. I'd like to free up that spot under the table for more junk!


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4/16/2009 3:08:56 PM
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