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Made it to the end of the week in one piece. Amazing.

Chris is spending much of the weekend at A-Kon, the huge anime convention that takes place in downtown Dallas every year. Check out the previous entry for pictures of his costume.

Now, I plan to spend a couple of hours cleaning house. There are bits of fabric, pieces of patterns, and so forth EVERYWHERE. I want my living room back.

Dear Author follows up the self-promotion don'ts  piece with advice for readers and writers. Good stuff, particularly the first point: Taste is subjective.

Spent a lot of the week working on photography and getting ready for various conventions. Wish I had some amazing news to report, but I haven't. Life is boring. Seriously. Here's a snapshot of my day:
Type, type, type.
Run to mailbox to see if there's a check.
Type, type, type.
Run to mailbox.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
Speaking of the mail, we haven't had any mail in two days. There was an empty fast food container in the box this morning. Yep, that's the type of neighborhood I live in. At least we don't get the dead animals.


And Friday brings the extra joy of laundry. So it's back to the drudgery for me this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!


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5/29/2009 1:48:30 PM
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