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I've about hit the "too hot to work" temperature here in the office, so it's time to dash of a journal post before I retreat to cooler climes, er, rooms, with my laptop.

Just a few links today. Some self-promotional.

HarperCollins has some short audiobooks on their web site for free. One is the wickedly delicious "Can You Hear Me Now?" from "Two of the Deadliest." You can also get Richard Matheson's "Duel," and a selection from Neil Gaiman's "Fragile Things," read by the author. Enjoy!

Amazon now has "look inside" enabled on "Two of the Deadliest." So much fun to see my name in large, friendly letters on the back cover!

Sad news in the world of SF. Locus publisher Charles N. Brown passed away peacefully in his sleep in his way home from Readercon. The magazine will continue under Liza Groen Trombi, current executive editor.

And in the "ain't Google Alerts amazing?" department, I discovered a blog by Gerry Barker, one of the founders of StarText. He's recounting the history of that online service over there, and it's a worthwhile read. StarText was one of the first online information services sponsored by a newspaper. Talk about a blast from the past! Yes, Gerry, I'll be digging in my archives from that era!

And finally, Light Saber Chopsticks!

Enjoy your Monday, and stay cool.


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7/13/2009 2:18:52 PM
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