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It's Tuesday, technically, but there ya go.

Still swamped with database-type stuff. Today was a madhouse with many little fires to put out. By the time I was ready for bed I was dead tired and decided to help things along by trying a little lavender spray on the pillow. Maybe it works, but not for me. I did get to sleep, but woke up with an asthma attack. I'm just now recovering from that, so it'll be a long night. Again. I won't be able to lay down until the sinuses have mostly cleared out.

Naturally, this was a night the hot flashes had died down. Oh, well. I can at least knock one more "tried and true" remedy off the list.

And yes, I have a different pillow I can use when I go back to bed. And no, I only used a little bit of the spray.

In more interesting news, we moved to a new FiOS package today. We were still on the "first kids on the block" package, which meant we didn't get most of the cool new stuff like BBC America HD. We were expecting a big hit on the budget. What we didn't expect was a new package with faster Internet, more channels, and a more appropriate landline deal for just about the same price. We'll see once the taxes get tacked on, but I think it's going to be pretty close.

Along with the new broadband package came a new benefit: Wi-fi hotspot access. At Starbucks! I'm not one of those people who camp out at the coffee shop with a laptop, but this is a useful service for when I'm on the road or can't work at home for some reason - like the time they did the sewer work and the house stunk to high heaven. There are hotspots at restaurants, hotels, bookstores - all sorts of places. It'll come in handy.

Ah, the sinuses  are clearing. Think I'll try to go back to sleep...


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7/28/2009 1:54:00 AM
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