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Monday Mumblings

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Pardon the rambling mumblings today; I'm going on about an hour and ten minutes or so of sleep. The cunning plan is to fall into bed in the next hour. I'm just waiting on the last load of laundry.

Walked into the living room to find not one but two gifts from the cats. Boy, am I special, or what? I think "or what?" sums it up pretty good in their eyes. I even refilled their entertainment center tonight, and do you think I got any thanks?

Part II of Friday's College Bookstore Adventure took place this afternoon. Chris found one small trade paperback book for his Anthropology class, and a LOT of empty shelves. We bought the one book and made plans to return later this week. So much fun.

I've been keeping an eye on the Twicon boards on and off today. Seems that event had its share of problems. Most folks had fun, but there seemed to be a lot of organizational issues. That's too bad.

Speaking of conventions, I'm thinking of putting together behavior guides for both guests and audience members. I won't be pointing fingers. Gads, I'd have to point a few dozen at myself first. I've been at this a lot of years, and if there is a gaffe to be made, I've probably managed it. In other words, if it's possible to do this without turning into a whinefest, I'd like to give it a shot. Your thoughts?


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8/3/2009 8:27:14 PM
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