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Yes, I'm following one HHGTG quote with another. Why? Because it's been that kind of week and a half, that's why.

First off, we're all fine. The computers are another story. And you know what? I'll condense that down. It's the old "multiple upgrades gone bad" story, which called for me to wipe the system and start over. Yes, I had backups. No, they weren't all in one place. And yes, it required much wailing and gnashing of teeth and renting of garments - not to mention the consuming of mass amounts of coffee - to get everything back in place. But back in place it is.


If you've ever been through this, you know how things will crop up over a period of months. Dang. I forgot to install THAT? I didn't make that system tweak? What do you mean, the new piece of hardware wants me to do THAT? For most intents and purposes, though, everything is back in order.

I do have one more hardware purchase on my list. No, this one is a good, smart thing. I'm going to get a much larger backup drive so I can save off an entire system image instead of just a collection of files. Of course, that will probably bite me in the a$$ at some point, as most technology does.

Welcome to the bleeding edge.

I completely missed that Karen had a Weekend Assignment last week. I've missed a lot of things. So please forgive my lack of online activity recently.

And just as a heads up, we're closing in on FenCon, which means I'll be quite busy through the end of September.

Now I think I've earned just a bit of time to chill out, because I have to get busy again over the next couple of days.


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8/15/2009 8:22:21 PM
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