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The Big FenCon Wrap-Up Post

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Sorry about the lack of blogging this week. I'm still not recovered from last weekend. So, here's  a sort of day-by-day account:

Thursday: We discovered that we weren't going to have some of the rooms on Friday as early as we'd been told previously. Of course, or schedules were published already, so I spent a chunk of the evening rearranging rooms, printing new signs and updating guest packets. Then we spent a couple of hours stuffing packets. Exciting stuff, but it has to be done. Met Keith R. A. DeCandido and Paul Cornell. Cool guys, both of them.

Friday: Added to our already gigantic change list as a couple more guests bowed out due to the flu. We love you guys, but thanks for staying home. Went out for lunch with several of our Guests of Honor. Warm, friendly folks, all. Spent the afternoon running around making sure everyone found their way to the right rooms for panels. Clearly, my signs weren't good enough.

At 6:00 we settled in to watch Paul Cornell host a round of "Just a Minute." Very funny stuff. Tom Smith, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Shanna Swendson, and Alan J. Porter sat on the panel. Then came opening ceremonies, during which I sat at the computer trying to rearrange some guest schedules. My guys went out for dinner while I worked on scheduling for Saturday and spent half an hour profusely apologizing to a panel for not having the things they needed. Shame on me.

Saturday: Our big day. I never got to see an entire panel except for the GRW rehearsal. Didn't get to see they keynote address or hear the GoH filk concert. Spent time running around setting up things for various panels, then went to the main programming room to help set up gear for our part of the cabaret. Went back to the room, changed, and waited for the cabaret to begin.

We led off the show with "How to Succeed in Starfleet Without Really Trying." It got lots of laughs, and even spawned a Facebook fan page. Then came the parties. We put on our "House"-themed party with the amusing Jell-O shots:


Yes, we aim to gross you out!

Sunday: Still didn't get to see much in the way of panels, but participated in closing ceremonies. The guys on the Executive Committee put together "The Dead Conchair Sketch." It was pretty darned funny. It was a tough act to follow - I know, because I had to step up to the podium, thank everyone, and reveal our guest list for next year.

And I guess I get to tell you about our guests for next year. We try to hold it a secret until the first day of the convention:

Guests of Honor: Spider and Jeanne Robinson
Music Guest of Honor: Ookla the Mok
Artist Guest of Honor: John Picacio
Toastmaster: Joe R. Lansdale
Special Guest: Ginjer Buchanan
Fen Guests of Honor: Andrew Trembley and Kevin Roche

It looks to be a very cool line-up. I'm excited.

I've spent the week recovering - and trying not to get the flu, which Chris managed to catch. Paul got smart and left town for a few days on business.

A good time was had by all. I can't say enough good things about our guests. Lovey folks, all. Thanks to everyone who came!


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9/25/2009 3:35:42 PM
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