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When good sleep goes bad

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By the time 8:30 rolled around last night I was tired. I'm generally a night person, but I decided it might be a good idea to heed the call of the brain. I brewed up a cup of Sleepytime tea and trundled off to bed to read. I suppose I fell asleep about ten. I remember turning on my side then...

Much tossing and turning ensued. But oh, that was only a dream. Paul was telling me good night and settling in. Then he told me he planned to dream about the Crystal Palace.


Then I shot to sleep with a very bizarre dream about a smelly guy and his boss (don't know where that came from). The boss fired the guy, who took off in his old military-style Jeep. Half a block from his former place of employment, his phone rang.

It was the distinctive ring I set up on my cell phone. It's annoying as hell, but I know it's my phone ringing, which is important when I'm surrounded by folks with ringers that sound like old telephones or bleat out country or classic rock tunes. It's nice not to have to leap to my phone when 30 other folks are doing the same.

The sound was enough to wake me from my dream. Who the heck was calling this late? Probably a wrong number. Go back to sleep. But I couldn't. I fumbled on the night stand for my reading glasses (all the better to see the details of the missed call with) and staggered into the living room...

To discover I'd picked up a pair of sunglasses. Wait a minute. This was still the dream. I was apparently still in a prison cell in Russia with a cross-dresser who thought he was Leon Trotsky.

That finally woke me up, and I padded down the hall to look at the phone. No blinking light. No missed call indication. Grumble.

Of course, now I was awake and my brain was not only racing, it was leading the Grand Prix of Monaco. So much for a good night of sleep.

Must be my punishment for cooking a healthy meal.


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10/14/2009 8:35:06 AM
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