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Apologies for blogs not posted, e-mails, not answered, and so on. I've had a few work-related things on my plate today. Plus, I've spent the last couple of days battling this feeling that I'm getting a cold or something, but with nothing tangible in the way of symptoms to show other than my seasonal sinus issues.

I'd say this was a job for House, but I know he's just walk up to me, lean on his cane, flick his baby blues in my direction and tall me to deal with it. More to the point, he'd send Cameron to do it while is sits with his legs up on his desk, playing with his ball. Yeah, there's a metaphor there, somewhere, isn't there?

Big job today was retyping a radio script. Long, boring work, but needed to be done. OCR is cool, but it doesn't always work well on those things. Why, yes. That means we have another radio show coming up. We'll be at the Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society convention next month.

Speaking of conventions, I just accepted an invitation to attend SoonerCon next year, so we'll be back there in June.

Now I have about half an hour before I have to dig in and start dinner. Better see what damage I can do in that time.


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10/22/2009 3:52:15 PM
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