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Looking for the perfect handbag

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Oh, this isn't the post I'm supposed to be working on. And while it appears to be a fluffy topic, it's also a sore spot.

Ladies, look in your handbag. What do you see there? If you're a working woman or a parent, chances are what you don't immediately see is the crap stuck down in the bottom - an extra pen, an inhaler for you or the kid, an extra car key, a toy, something for that sinus headache. And that's not even mentioning the important stuff - checkbook, wallet, a cell phone, a camera perhaps, basic cosmetics, and those "girl" things we won't mention in polite company. Add to the mix a small notebook (even if you're not a writer, scratch paper is handy), an address book (if your cell phone doesn't have every contact on the planet that you need), and other smallish items you may need for the job like a badge.

With all due respect, where in the hell do you put it all?

I've been shopping for a new handbag, and it's been a nightmare. Who designs them? Men?  Yes, I want a bag with a snap that doesn't close half the time and leaves my valuables vulnerable to pickpockets, not to mention the occasional spring or fall rainstorm. Yes, I want a bag designed by someone whose idea of organization is the zipper pocket and a pair of matching open interior pockets. Just the thing to organize that extra pen, the reading glasses, a nail file, the inhaler -- what are these folks smoking?

I thought I'd found the perfect bag today. It was a messenger-style bag, not terribly large, but with pockets, and holders for pens - holy cow, it was a dream come true. Sadly, it was only available in a shade I can best describe as "nightmare red."

Sigh. I'm about to buy a largish bag and make an organizer to hold the things I need. I shouldn't have to do that. I'm a frugal person, but if I'm going to pay half the national debt of a small island nation for a handbag that isn't going to snap a strap next week, dang it, I'd like to have a place to put my stuff!

I found one a couple of months ago that I really liked, until I turned over the price tag. It was about for times the national debt of a small island nation.

This is my rant for the weekend.


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10/30/2009 7:20:45 PM
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