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It Was 20 Years Ago Today...

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Just saw a statement from the National Weather Service posted to Weather Underground:

... 20th anniversary of severe cold outbreak of December 1989...

An extraordinary Arctic outbreak gripped much of the United States
in the days leading up to Christmas 1989. The morning of December 23
is the only occasion in the last 60 years when the Mercury has
dipped below zero degrees fahrenheit at the official climate sites
for Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco.

Some low temperatures from the morning of December 23 1989...

   dfw Airport -1
   Waco -4
   Dallas Love Field +1
   Fort Worth Meacham -5
Oh, I remember that night. Late December back in '89, as long as I'm keeping up the pop music references.

The cold front hit the evening of the 22nd. We were doing a radio show at a theater in Irving. Chris was just six months old.

I remember the radio show night well. We went crazy during the day getting the set together, the sound just right ... because we were going to be broadcast live. My mother came out to help take tickets. Dad was supposed to be in the cast but came down with a cold. He did his part by recording the live broadcast, though. I directed and had a small part. Paul did sound effects, and L. produced and had a part or two, as I recall. It was a lot of fun. The cast and audience enjoyed it.

Then we went home to our warm houses.

We're watching a front inch in the direction of the area tonight. It's not going to be that cold, though we might get a flake or two of snow in the morning. That's about as close to a white Christmas as it'll get around these parts.

Well, the baking is mostly done. I'll finish it tomorrow. Need to run out to the store for one more item before tomorrow's meal. Might as well do it before the bad weather moves' in.

If I'm not here before Christmas, I hope all of my readers (yes, all three of you!) have a happy Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, enjoy your weekend. I hope you're getting a long one.

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12/23/2009 8:42:01 PM
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