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On Political E-mails, and the Forwarding of Same

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I just got another political e-mail from someone I *think* I know that's been forwarded so many times the mail server wrapped it up on a cocoon and passed it along as spam.  That person had probably forwarded it to 47 people they know, and before that... You get the idea.

Folks, I don't care if your e-mail is conservative, liberal, or espousing the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I don't care whether or not I agree with it. Just stop it.

Instead, how about an original thought? I know my friends and relatives are smart people, capable of thinking for themselves, or I wouldn't be hanging out with them.

Please, stop and think before you hit that forward button. Spam filters now include a claptrap filter, apparently, and I'm not going to see it.

And if that thing you're forwarding is important news - I mean something I really need to know not some "alert" that's been picked apart as utter falsehood by Snopes, like someone I know is very ill - you really want me to see it. And no, I don't manage the mail server. I can't fix it.

Seriously, few things tick me off more than donning the virtual hazard suit (in case of viruses) and gingerly picking through the bits of what looks like an important message only to find the same screed that's already been forwarded to me half a dozen times. For the love of all that is good and holy, just stop.

Thank you.
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1/11/2010 9:03:22 AM
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