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The Dog Kennels Have Arrived!

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And yes, they're proper King size, 60 feet wide by 2 feet long. And they're tall!

Maybe I'll have a picture in a day or two. Right now the bedroom is in a mess - except for the bed.

We decided that since we live in a piece of cra--I mean, "charmingly retro" house that's nearly 40 years old that we ought to make sure the new bed would be level. Nothing in this house is level. And nothing is standard - except for the fixtures we've replaced. We thought the best solution would be some sort of adjustable frame, but we couldn't fine one for sale locally. The big box home improvement store had replacement casters that would do the job.

They're huge. And raised the frame about 3.5 inches. Of course, that was great because I've been wanting to utilize the space under the bed for storage. Now we have plenty of room. Paul spent Sunday replacing the casters and fixing the headboard back on the frame.

The bed was tall, but manageable.

Today the mattress (don't jump in the tea chest, please) set arrived. Holy cow, it's tall. The headboard is almost swallowed up, and I've put a small step on my side of the bed. Sorry, but I'm not going to have the energy to leap in after those late night trips down the hall.

While I had everything apart I decided to replace the comforter. Again. Didn't I just do that? There was a reason that comforter was such a good deal. It wasn't made very well. I ended up at Kohl's and spent more than I wanted - on sale - but ended up with an oversized King comforter that was packaged with a deep dust ruffle. Oh, the bed looks good. I will try to take a picture tomorrow. This should lessen the battle for comforter space we seem to have some nights, too.

I went out and tried to buy a new electric blanket today. Bad move. This is like trying to purchase a bathing suit in June. Sorry, you should have done that three months ago. Who thinks about buying an electric blanket when the daytime temperatures are over 70F? I don't.

But I could buy a bathing suit today.

While I was in there I decided that the other thing to do was dig in and do a little rearranging. Not a lot, and I had help on the heavy stuff, don't worry. I hope that I've managed to carve enough space out for a small reading nook.

Here's another thing that I think isn't helping my sleep issues. Some nights I just want to read a book. No TV, no computer. That's fine and dandy, but if the guys are watching a movie or playing a video game (which is often) then I don't want to sit in my cozy reading spot out there. It's too distracting. Instead, I lay in bed or kind of prop myself up on a few pillows. Then I try to go to sleep in the same spot. It's probably not good for me. I hope to have enough room to move in a chair that we have in storage. We shall see.

Pictures soon, if not tomorrow. Yeah, I'm hedging my bets. it's just that I spent today on the bedroom and missed taking care of some work. I've got to do that tomorrow.

Okay, I lied. Here you go. Two cats on the bed!

Isn't that exciting?

Oh, and wasn't House fun tonight? Wilson stole the episode. I'll never think of A Chorus Line in the same way again.

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1/11/2010 9:13:25 PM
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