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I think that about sums up today.

Chris and I took off for coffee in the truck, then off to Walmart for a bookcase their website assured us was in stock. We got there and discovered they were out of the color I wanted. The associate who came by to help said that someone had been in that morning and had cleaned them out of all of the bookcases in that color - all ten.Well, I didn't want black. I'd planned to get a pair for the bedroom and thought it would be nice if they kinda sorta looked like they might have been selected with the existing furniture in mind.

Oh, who am I kidding? They're cheap bookcases. But the furniture is brown and I didn't want black.

The associate checked her computer and told us the store a few miles west had four in stock. Great. We trundled into the truck and took off west. No bookcases. We went up and down the aisles and finally someone stopped to ask if the could help us. "We don't carry THOSE here." Well, we had been told you had some in stock. "We don't carry THOSE." I'm sorry. Obviously it was my fault for believing the sales associate who looked up the items on her computer, and my fault for driving to the cheap department store on the rich side of town. Obviously, they don't carry bookcases that sell for less than $250. They hold fewer books, but they're classier.

I just want a serviceable bookcase. I don't need designer furniture. Oh, when I'm rich (yeah, right) I want to rip out half the furniture and redo two walls in the bedroom completely in IKEA. But for now I just need a place to put some books and store some stuff.

We stopped at Target, and before we went in we checked the Walmart site on our cell phones. The site acted like they hadn't even heard of the store to the east of where we live. So there. We went into Target and found the bookcases in a brown color they called "espresso." A sign in front of a shelf f boxes of bookcases informed us that they were out of bookcases, but perhaps we'd like to pay $5 more for a computer desk? Uh, no. So what were those boxes, an optical illusion?

We grabbed a couple of boxes and price checked them before we left the department. Yep, those were the items on sale. Fine. I was tired of driving all over town on a wild goose chase. These were a few bucks more, but I'd spent far more than that in time and gas driving all over town.

Chris and I managed to get one bookcase put together, and it was like assembling a car from a pile of parts. One of the shelves ended up upside-down, and some of the holes will drilled offset from where they should have been. It's up, and in the room, and full o' books.

We tackle the other shelf tomorrow.

As for now, I'm completely wiped, and I know Chris is, too.

I'm going to try to finish this job tomorrow. Don't count on pictures.

It's only 7:30 and I'm done for the night. I have a new book to read, and I'm off. More about what I'm reading tomorrow.

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3/1/2010 7:20:20 PM
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